Appetite for food and creative work

Appetite for food and creative work 150 150 Freyr

My better half knows a trick or two on how to deal with our kids. One of them she uses just before dinner. When the kids energy levels are low they at times get to watch TV. She then puts a bowl in front of them with a selection of vegetables. Vegetables they would otherwise not be too happy to eat disappear in a flash. The vegetables act as a good appetizer but still the children have good appetite at the dinner table. If on the other hand the kids dive into a bowl of candy just before dinner the situation is quite different. Kids won’t complain at all, well not until they are dragged to the dinner table. As you may have experienced their appetite is then slim to none.

I sometimes think about this and can well relate to my appetite for creative challenges.

If I want to maximize my output when writing, like this article, I do so early morning “fasting”. I write before I let anything else spoil my appetite for creative challenges. I ensure all alerts are switched off my mobile and PC. I write using a simple editor where nothing else is visible but the text I am working on. I don’t want to have a tempting “bowl of candy” in front of me. If I do “grab a quick bite” from news or social media mid demanding challenge I know I will lose my focus and my “appetite” and capability for creative work will be reduced. Some studies say more than 20 minutes after the interruption.

Let me not even get started on what happens if I try to multitask, that is the worst. Studies say it does not only limit your mental capability in the now, but can reduce your capabilities long term (see here).

I do hope you protect as well your appetite for creative work and studies as you would for your kid’s appetite for healthy food!


Freyr Ólafsson, management consultant, owner of Staka Consulting

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