Do you really want to succeed?

Do you really want to succeed? 150 150 Freyr

One of my dearest mentors once took me aside. We were both athletics coaches, me still active as an athlete, he almost a feet taller than me, fourteen years older. The big man leaned towards me, looked me in the eyes and said: “So tell me Freyr Ólafsson, do you want to succeed?” I mumbled and tried to convince the powerful Olympian that me, this twenty-two year old farmers son, barely reaching the standards of a tiny nation national athletics team, had the will needed. “When are you going to go at it full steam, go all the way?” he asked calmly, with all his weight, warmth and interest. I stuttered and tried to stay calm.

I know Vésteinn Hafsteinsson has asked many people similar questions. Some have stuttered like I did at the time. Others have certainly gone for it and proved that they really wanted to succeed, even become the best in the world in their field. Superb leaders and coaches like Vésteinn have a way to get into people’s core and enlighten them. They ask demanding questions that last and push people long after they’ve been asked. Good coaches and leaders help people to find the will and driving forces within themselves.

The energy is there within you. Only you can find your own will and motivation to succeed. You must dare yourself to take the first step and follow your conviction. You must ignore all those endless voices of doubt, constantly trying to talk you down. Whisk those demons off your shoulders and move forward. A good leader or coach will support you, point you at your demons, help you to keep up your spirit and keep your doubts away!

So now tell me about you, do you really want to succeed? When are you going to go at it full steam, go all the way?!


Freyr Ólafsson, management consultant, owner of Staka Consulting

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