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How will you achieve your goals?

Optimize Business Processes

Do you feel your processes can be improved? Let’s talk through your major challenges and see what are your biggest issues!

Conquer Global Challenges

Are you working in an international business? Wondering whom to work with, in what market or country, how to set up the global teams. We are eager to help you.

Motivate and Optimize Teams

Is your team aligned and motivated? Do they have an obvious shared goal, shared with company goals? Staka is ready to help you.

About Freyr Ólafsson

Education and experience

Freyr has education in Sports Science, Coaching and Software engineering. For the past years he has been involved in building up high tech startups, sports clubs, real estate company, to name a few.

For the win

Freyr has helped world class athletes and software engineers to improve their results. He is an analyst with broad background and has a good eye for talent and business.


Freyr has managed multiple global software projects, sporting events and business endeavors. He has wast experience in all sides of business from his 20 years as programmer, coach, project manager, CTO, COO, CEO, president, chairman and consultant.

How to contact


The preferred way for communication is via e-mail to We will do our best to reply promptly. Kindly accept that Staka’s main business hours are GMT-0.

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