Your focused moments and purpose

Your focused moments and purpose 150 150 Freyr

In Icelandic we use the word “ráðgjöf” for consulting. The direct translation is, to give an advice. And that is very much what I want to do. There are jokes up on us consultants on how we at times seem to specialize in charging for our advice, rather than giving it away for free. This time I will do my best to stick to the Icelandic meaning of the word. There are countless approaches, but I want to describe to you in few articles some tools and tricks I use to take control and lead, at the very least, my self. I call the series: “The optimized version of your self.”

Focused moments and purpose

Our journey starts with a small question. Have you sincerely taken the time to identify your core values and purpose? Have you thought about what you truly want to achieve? Until you have I am in the shoes of the consultant of Alice in Wonderland, the cat, before Alice had a clue where she wanted to head. Before you have identified your destination it doesn’t make the biggest difference in what direction you go.

The silence and calmness you need to think about your purpose doesn’t force it self up on you. You can find those moments wherever suites you, early morning in silence, on a bike, top of a mountain or sitting on a bench during rush hour is not the biggest issue. But be sure, this doesn’t happen without serious effort. It is so much easier to go with the flow, accept the interruption and follow others. It takes energy to take control and lead your self and others.

My recipe is to set up an appointment with my self. I do so once a month. Early morning, while others sleep I do review my purpose and main goals.

To begin with I had my moments in silence without any text. Later on I wrote down few lines. Now I have my paper filled out. We can call it my personal vision and purpose statement. Each month I review the document, iterate and try to improve, reset goals as needed. I go through exercises such as trying to see my self from the view of a high flying bird. I wonder what if I could do anything, if there were no limits to my capability? What if I can remove my self from the equation, step out and not participate hands on my self in the challenges. What then?

The methods and approaches are many, what tools or methods you choose is secondary. But realize that you must fight for this time, take control and accept that it is your responsibility to lead your self. Having used this mental exercise at regular interval I now feel I am better prepared than before if I happen to run into the cat one day.


Freyr Ólafsson, management consultant, owner of Staka Consulting

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